Get your brand respected: distribute vector logos

When we built Ellen’s website (, she wanted to show her work accreditations as part of her professional details.

I wanted to avoid too much text to keep the whole page relatively light, so for this section, we decided to only display the logos of the physiotherapy societies she is a member of.

Raster or vector?

However, in order for those to render correctly on most screens, including on high density displays, I needed to find better versions than the logos those organisations use on their own websites.

Fortunately, they all had a brand management department, so I placed a request with each of them for either high resolution images, or better: vector files.

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Migrating comments and the quest for a lightweight solution

When I migrated to jekyll, I also wanted to migrate all my comments. My site doesn’t have that many of them, so I thought it should have been a doddle to do it, and I was initially firmly set on using Disqus. It seemed simple, the embedded code interface didn’t look too bad within my new website’s design, and I didn’t care that much about the fact that it works only with javascript.


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On Jekyll

That’s it! At long last, I’ve migrated my personal sites away from Wordpress. My blog and websites have been in need of a design overhaul for a long time, and as I was growing tired of the incessant and ever larger updates required by Wordpress and its plugins, I decided to switch to a static site generator.

Exit Wordpress, enters Jekyll.

Wordpress to Jekyll

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10 years!

In a few months, ekynoxe will celebrate 10 years on the web! There won’t be that many celebrations, but for me, it is a great marker to show that I keep doing what I do best, and what I enjoy the most professionally: websites.

Over 10 years, ekynoxe went through several changes, both in function and in design, and it is now my professional showcase and point of contact for prospective clients. Here’s how it got here.

identity evolution

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Closing the Hammersmith Barrier website

In December 2011, I got fed up with the Hammersmith council and TFL not rising up to take ownership of the Hammersmith bridge barriers being constantly broken. I was cycling to work through the bridge every day, and most of the time, the bus lane barriers would be broken, on the side of the road, if not dangling from their support.

One of the many days the south barrier was broken

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